Changzhou HAODIANYUAN DIGITAL GENERATOR Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. Changzhou HAODIANYUAN generators existing digital Limited Units 1 KW-3KW and other merchandise. A provincial hi-tech enterprises, with a number of technology patents, production and R & D strength, and improve service efficiency. 80 per cent of products sold to the European and American markets, and an annual growth rate of 50%. In recent years, Changzhou HAODIANYUAN companies will develop the domestic market, it is the provinces have sound domestic sales service network   
   Main Product:Digital Units,Digital Generator controllers.   
   Register:Changzhou Jiangsu Province China   
   Quality Management System :ISO9001:2015
   Owned certification:GS,CE(LVD、MD、EMC),RoHs,G2,IP23M,NRMM , CSA,CARB,EPA ;etc 

Optimize your lifestyle products of high quality quiet generators 
 "HAODIANYUAN" Digital Generator Group G Series offers you the industry are hard to overcome the technical, high quality and customer returns.
Lightweight portable generators
   The alternator directly connected with the engine, remove the traditional unit of the speed round.
   The design reduces the weight and half the size.
  Issued by the electricity has broad applicability.
Applying the latest technology to build a unique structure
   This-the-art portable electrical equipment is integrated with the support of the patent cooling air inlet design, intelligent power management expenditure, silencers, as well as variable-mode output processing, and other technical details of the research results.
United States Environmental Protection Certification
 "HAODIANYUAN" digital units have been certified, United States Environmental Protection
Green Power System
 "HAODIANYUAN" G Series is the market leader in the environmental protection unit of the dual system to quiet with traditional unit has been reduced by 10 to 15 decibels, and efficient combustion system by the ultra-low exhaust emissions.
High-quality generators
 "HAODIANYUAN" the G-series Power Conversion technologies perfect sinusoidal AC output. Converter control components accurately adjust the voltage and frequency. Our generator will be available to all full of electronic equipment and components microprocessor-controlled equipment, and trusted
In a wide range of returns
   Apart from the clean, quiet and efficient power generation, "good power" provides superior low hydraulic overload protection measures. Unique smart throttle under load automatically adjust engine speed, fuel consumption to a minimum. More lasting power, less fuel consumption (only 60 per cent of traditional generating units to 80% of the volume of fuel)
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